What Is Filterless Humidifier

Owing to technological advancement, there is paradigm shift in humidifiers upgrading. Before now many find it hard to cope with humidifiers that use filters due to the fact, filters gets dirty and accumulate minerals deposit easily and users finds it difficult to cope with them. This reason makes manufacturers introduced filter-less humidifier to bridge this gap. Even many manufactures sees it okay to producing filterless humidifiers because of their advantages.

In reality, filter-less humidifiers can clean your air and moisten it at the same time. This innovative feature makes this humidifier type best choice for most consumers these days. They actually use high-tech cleaning medium by using electrostatic ion to get rid of any airborne allergens from water.


What is a filterless humidifier

Simply put a humidifier as a device that helps add humidity into the air. In order word, an essential machine that helps to raised indoor humidity level beneficial to skin by preventing skin dryness particularly in the winter months.
In a short definition, filterless humidifier can be defined as humidifiers without filters. Not like the first models of humidifiers that were equipped with filters to keep the moisture being released cleaned. Filter-less type have no filters rather apply advance technology in making the mist clean without the use of filters. However, they use electromagnetic charge for impurities removal.

Types of filter-less humidifiers

Filterless humidifiers comes in different types and the one you will probably choose will be determined by the space you want to humidified, budget and preference. These are the list types of humidifiers without filters you are likely to see on the market:

  • Evaporators.
  • Steam vaporizers.
  • Central filter-less humidifiers.
  • Ultrasonic filterless humidifiers.
  • Impellers filter humidifiers.

The benefits of filter free humidifiers

  • They do not use filters in mist cleaning process.
  • They run quietly.
  • Filter free humidifiers are installed with antimicrobial protection to prevent the
  • growths of bacteria and airborne virus breeding in the water tank.
  • They come in variable fan speed that you can choose from.

Filterless humidifier won’t give you concern of the need of having to clean you humidifier often and also eliminate the cost of buying new filters. They are easy to care for and maintained.

I would advise you to choose a filterless humidifier should in case you want to purchase one for your home today.


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