Types of Whole House Humidifier

Before shopping for a humidifier, you should know there are different types of whole house humidifier available. There includes:
• Tabletop
• In-duct and
• Console humidifiers

Do bear in mind that all these humidifiers type have their peculiar advantages and disadvantages when it comes to efficiency, convenience and noise level. It is also worth knowing other constraint like the installation area, how big it is and your budget that can afford your required humidifier. Below are detail discussions of some of the available humidifiers you will find on the market.

Tabletop humidifiers: these are also known as portable humidifiers, which are the smallest model of humidifying system on the markets scene. They are often lightweight in nature, design with smaller tanks which required refilling on regular basis but they are highly recommended for a single room humidification. The ultrasonic version of these types of humidifier releases water through the use of a vibrating nebulizer. The evaporative models of the tabletop humidifier are built with small inbuilt fan which disperse air through a moisten wick. Warm-mist tabletop models heat the water to boil and cool the steam before releasing the steam to humidify your home air. The impellers models produce mist air by the use of a rotating disk. Remember each of these model humidifier works differently depending on the model you intend to buy.

Console humidifiers: These are larger compare to the tabletop. However they are still portable and often come with wheels because they are a little big. The console version also emit more mist air which make them possible to humidify an entirely if necessary. They have bigger tanks to than the tabletop counterpart humidifier, which means you will need to refill you humidifier system less. You should also know that the big size appearance required a bit of tricks to move around your house.

In-duct type humidifier: These are recommended for those having force-air heating system available at home at already and just desire to use the best whole house humidifier for consumers. The un-duct humidifier will be connected to the air ducts to starts its function. Generally, the in-duct humidifiers works as a result of the fact that the air blows through the wet wick make the air to be moist that pass in-between the vents


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