How to clean properly your humidifier

Searching for how to clean a humidifier this winter? As you have begun using your air humidifying unit, it is good to know that proper maintenance is the key to avoid breathing bad air.

Be remind also, humidifiers that are left unclean can turn into thriving home for bacteria or viruses that may cause a whole new problem in the process of trying to make your indoor refreshing to prevent many health problems associated with dry air. Here are simple steps to follow to keep your machine clean:

As luck would have it, there is available heating humidifier in the fight against dryness in our home that is reliable.

The benefits

The use of humidifiers system helps us fight various illnesses that might cost a fortune to treat when they eventually developed. These are some of the benefits of having a humidifier:

  • It helps to reduce cold, cough, flu, nose bleeding, sinusitis, allergy and other potential seasonal symptoms.
  • It helps to prevent and alleviate dry, scratchy skins and lips.
  • Humidifiers also reduce static electricity in the home. Furthermore, help to improve quality of indoor air which benefit for asthmatic patients.
  • In addition, help maintain hydrated air that encourages soothing the feeling and body at home.
  • Another good news, help babies to sleep well and comfortably.

Cleaning Guide

As good as humidifiers can be to our indoor, if not care for and clean properly, at the same can do more harm than good to your health. The bacteria and mold can multiply in your water tank and be released into the air by the humidifier, so maintaining your machine is very needful.

Someday back I stumble into online forum where many raised so many questions on how to clean a humidifier. However, here are the basic steps to follow to clean that dirt out of your humidifier correctly
1. Thoroughly read through and follow the instruction guideline by the manufacturer on how to clean it.

2. Empty the tank and refill it again with fresh (distilled) water every day. These will prevent uninvited substances from building up in your humidifiers containers and also will stop mineral dust spreading in your home air.

3. Always make sure you clean your humidifier with disinfectant to kill bacteria weekly.

The simple step stage cleaning

  • First and foremost, unplug the humidifiers from power source.
  • Remove the filters and use fresh cool water to rinse underneath the faucets.
  • Do not use any of the methods to clean your filters since chemicals can lead to permanent filter damage.
  • Clean the filters by rubbing with mild towels and then allow drying.
  • Detached the water tanks from the humidifier and then pour a good amount of white vinegar and wait for about half hour.
  • Try turning the solution around all the corners of the container to ensure the chemicals cover the whole base area.
  • Finally clean all accumulated and left over dirt by gently scrubbing with a soft brushing tool.
  • Repeat the scrubbing process a few more time.


When cleaning your humidifier, you must make sure bacteria are destroyed by pouring clean water into the tanks and adding 1 tablespoon of bleach to each solution but if you don’t like the bleach, you can add 3% hydrogen peroxide inside the tank instead. Softly turn the solution all over the whole tank for it to settle evenly and then wait for up to 30 minutes. Wash it thoroughly.

The next step, assemble again all the parts of your humidifier into the normal position and refill the water tank with fresh cool water and let your humidifier resumes work again.

When using a humidifier in your home; remember that the ideal indoor humidity level should be from 30-45%. Indoor’s heated up to 70 degrees may include relative moistures of about 15%. If you already have a reliable humidifier in your home, take proper care of it and if not, you can check this site to find a good one to keep your health in good condition.

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