10 Reasons to Add a Humidifier in Your Home Today

The importance of humidifier benefits to adding humidity to your home through the use of a humidifier particularly at winter month cannot be over emphasized; it provides lots of plus to healthier life. If you have a cold or dry winter or living in dry climate, you and home properties will suffers different ill effects of dry air caused those factors.

Humidity levels of your indoor air can drop to 10% which is far below the recommended levels of at least 35 to 40% for any home. Below are top 10 humidifier benefits to have a humidified air.

1. Prevent Illness

Humidified air helps to free tiny hairs in your nose to move and doing their job of filtering out of viruses and bacteria preventing flu and cold.

2. Treat Illness

Moisten air from a humidifier system can help relief some symptoms of flu or cold, in addition nasal passages irritation, throat and bronchial tubes, allowing you to breath better and sleep more fine.

3. Protect Furnishings

Excessive or too little moisture in the air in the home have a negative response on some home items like the wooden furniture and flooring. Too little moisture air can cause them to crack and split. Addition of a humidifier to rooms where you have wooden furniture will help preserve the wood integrity.

To purchase a good humidifier, read the best whole house humidifier reviews to get the right air humidifier.

4. Moisturize Your Skin

The heat shooting within indoor at winter time can leave your skin ugly, dry and also itchy, particularly skin on your hands, which have less oil gland. Your lips may also turn chap more frequent and more easily during winter. A humidifier is one of the best solutions to prevent this entire ill problem.

5. Preserve Your Voice

In order to vibrate and produce the best voice sound, your vocal cord need be supple and adequately lubricated for that amazing quality voice. Lack of water in the body, viruses and also eating the wrong food sometimes can affect your voice and including your speaking voice. Maintaining moist air, especially while sleeping, can help get it restored.

6. Reduce Snoring

Poor moisture levels in the nose and in the soft palate can heighten snoring condition, staying hydrated will do play a significant help. These includes drinking of plenty of water but also adding of moisten air to your indoor air with a humidifier will also get rid of dryness that do lead to snoring.

7. Create Warmth

Your humidifying machine will not only fight against your dry skin associated with winter air but will equally make your household feel warmer. The more air in your home remain moist, the warmer your home. Having indoor air of temperature of up to 70 degress Fahrenheit and 10% humidity will feel like 67 degrees but 50% humidity, it will feel lit it is 69 degrees.

8. Control Static Electricity

One prominent first winter sign is when you get your cat and get a jolting of static electricity. And or when you find the long missing sock stuck to someone’s shirt or pants. Or handling of different hairstyle also is no picnic is another threat at winter. A humidifier can help decrease the rate of static electricity this winter periods.

9. Lessen Electronics Shock

More so, the presence of static electricity is not only annoying to humans but can be a big threat to your home electronics like your computer system. The probability of substantial damage is less, if not, except when you happen to have your computer open at the time – to add, a sound card, RAM or any similar task. The risk is considerable high in that case. You may end up with a dead board or other less obvious damage.

10. Hydrate Plant Life

Many indoor plants generally come from high humidity tropical climate. Your indoor air in many climates, particularly at winter months, does not provides the required humidity for plants to thrive well. This will show when plant leaves turns brown at the tips edge or when they completely die. So, if you are keeping an indoor garden or have plants in your home, adding a humidifier to your home this winter will make a difference to your plants species.


Humidity has positive impact when added to your home indoor environment. Although, too much air moisture indoor can encourage organisms growth, including dust mites. Tracking moisture level with use of a hygrometer and forming the habit of maintaining your humidifier will ensure you get the benefits dampened air with the risks.

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